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 Ceccato Screw Compressors (3Hp-500Hp)
 Ceccato Screw Compressors (3Hp-500Hp)
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27 Apr 2020
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Specification of Ceccato Screw Compressors (3Hp-500Hp)

Before buying the units Compressor, it's good we memilah2 also think before taking a decision, "Yeah, I BOUGHT YOUR BRAND of KOMPRESSOR" ...

As for things to note at the time a private entrepreneurs would buy one unit the compressor wind:

The capacity of the compressed air requirement: Unit = (M3/min)/(Litres/min)/CFM.

Air pressure: Low Press (4-8 Bar), Medium (10-12 Bar), High (20-40 Bar).

This type of compressor/type:Piston compressors-Screw Compressor-Rotary Vane


If you have found a specification to suit your needs, it's good you buy a larger capacity compressors 20%-30%, this serves as a safety for the compressor itself because typically on large installation possibility of leakage or lost pressure.

In addition the compressor ever so have a pause time to rest some minutes (Loading-Unloading) to age the compressor could be more resilientlong.


As for things before determining a Brand Compressor which will be purchased:

  1. Due to the fact that we buy is the wind is not on his brand
  2. Have sufficient Stockpiles: at the moment the compressor gets damaged/servicing, there is back-up.
  3. After-sales service: After Sales Services are adequate, and the availability of spare parts.
  4. Competitive prices: affordable, in accordance with the conditions of the production line.
  • The company Open House: Customer can see items, stock of goods, and related corporate management conditions, to further convince the customer before buying Brands they will be.
  • Open Technical Consulting: Customer may wonder or ask for explanations and a good technical input related to existing, in order to support the customer's production line.


The following commonly used Istilah2 by unit:

Wind pressure: 1Bar = 1 kg/cm2 = 0.1 MPa (mega pascal) = 15 Psi

Flow/Free Air Delivery: 1 M3/minute = 1000 L/min = 21.9 CFM (cubbic feet minutes)

Power: 7,5 kW 10 Hp = 10 PK (HP = 5 the same: Horse Power)


If you already know all the specification and a brand you have lyrics as a potential supplier, then you need to get started are:

1. Place/room for Kompressor:

the ideal size of the room must be rather large masing2 (rightleft, front, rear) given distance

1 meter, so that if any part cannot turn the difficulty.

site should be berfentilasi the air, so that air can circulate and room temperature compressor does not

hot (very helpful in prolong the kompressor).

-space for kompressor semaximal probably don't get too far away from the installation of the engine,

because it will affect the wind pressure and juGA capacity of the compressor.

2. Equipment Equipment:

-Electricity (Electrical Panels, cables yg according size) because we do not provide.

-installation Pipeing: Pipa2 (length of large diameter size fits & kompressor),

Ball Valve-L bow-Te-Watermur-shock-double neple

(the numbers correspond to the real state of affairs).

-Ducting (highly recommended if room for kompressor closed, the point as

exhaust heat from inside the kompressor in order not to mention sucked by kompressor).


If the compressor is already installed and ready to use, then he made a Pre Start (Early Life) from Vendor and accompanied by a representative from buyers commonly called COMMISSIONING.

If blown then the compressor needs there will be time to break jedda (LONG TO STOP) of approximately 2 to 5 minutes, if kompressor no jedda breaks means capacity less than production needs, then you must report it to the seller to ask for a particular requirement is replaced with ...


This Reference may be beneficial for you to be able to determine the best product for your production,

To SEE EFFICIENCY NOTICE KW and FAD (m3/min); because different same KW definitely his, the FAD FAD (m3/min), then the big save cost and disappear

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

2018 ceccato gambar.jfif



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